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If an EBSCOhost database asks you for a username and password, this could be the result of one or two things.

First, if you are logging in from home or off campus, you may need to log in with your 950 number and password to prove your status as an MUW affiliate.  Because we pay for these databases, we can only offer access to them for faculty, staff, and students.  That login screen will look like this:

If you are trying to sign in to MyEBSCOhost, which is a service EBSCO offers to allow you to save articles, searches, and customizations, you would use a different username and password that you create separate from your MUW usernames.  You can access to create an account or to log in by clicking "Sign In" at the top right of any EBSCOhost database.  This login screen will look like this:

If you see any other EBSCO log in screens, please close them out and access these databases through our database page. They may look similar to this:


If you have already done this, and are still having trouble logging in and getting access to articles, please call (662-329-7334) or chat with us via Ask Athena to help you figure out what is going on! 

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